Animotions for iMessage
Sometimes, Emoji just aren't enough.
Sometimes, Emoji just aren't enough to truly express your feelings.

Introducing the fun, personal, and creative way to share your emotions and moments with friends! Create animated pictures (GIFs) of your own and send them over iMessage.

Your pictures will animate automatically inside of your iMessage conversation!

You can also share your Animotions via Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or Imgur.


  • Fun and completely FREE!
  • Use the built-in front or rear facing camera to record your own animated GIFs.
  • Meme generator! Add text to the top and/or bottom of your Animotions.
  • Share your Animotions over iMessage with a single tap. Just copy-and-paste!
  • Share your Animotions directly to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, Email.
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